My History and Services

Peter Herman CPA CA has in excess of 25 years experience serving the needs of small business. From tax and financial issues concerning small independent entrepreneurs, to planning for retirement and business succession I have dealt with it all. I have also had great success in appealing both to CRA and the tax court of Canada in those situations where CRA has overreached. 

Tax and business strategies can make a huge difference to the bottom line of any business or individual. We focus on putting all options on the table and making the client aware of the costs and benefits of each. For instance, income splitting between spouses, contributing to RRSP’s or IPP’s, whether to set up Tax Free Savings Account, what a client can do to limit his exposure to creditors and protect his retirement savings, what types of investments can be held in RRSP’s – are there better uses for the money? 

Add to this the complexities of incorporation- Who should own shares of the corporation,  should they be held in a trust or directly, how should money be withdrawn from a corporation? These types of issues can come up in an initial consultation, or could result from a closer scrutiny of the taxpayer’s overall position. Either way, coming to my firm can only help your bottom line. I have helped individuals and business over the years and have seen my advice contribute to substantial growth in our clients financial resources. We would like to do the same for you. 

I am a friend of all sizes and stages of business. My expertise extends from startups to established owner managed companies. Along with my network of specialists my firm can provide considerable expertise in tax appeals, litigation, business valuations, SRED claim preparation, estates and succession as well as the more traditional services of tax return and financial statement preparation.  My fees are competitive and I believe my service is bar none.

From the simplest year end to the most extensive corporate restucturing we offer:

  • Ongoing advice on how to minimize taxes and maximize profits
  • Guidance on defining long term financial goals and identifying ways of reaching them for both businesses and individuals
  • Advice on investment and business opportunities
  • Help on how to acquire financial assistance to support growth

I understand that the role of a principal business advisor is earned, not simply given.

Along with our affiliated entities we provide a broad level of expertise in many areas including:

  • Taxation
  • Estate and Retirement Planning
  • Financial and Legal Restructuring
  • SRED Claim Preparation and Follow Up

We endeavour to be involved in all areas of our client’s financial well being and encourage them to contact us with any financial issues of a personal or corporate nature.

Our passion is ensuring that the right investing, tax, estate planning and business decisions are made in accordance with the long term objectives of our clients. We provide trustworthy, impartial advice on matters for which we are asked to render an opinion: Our clients count on us to tell them what they need to hear to meet their goals.